Sunday, July 03, 2011

Newt Gingrich SUCKS?

It's sad that in 2011, candidates still use racism to score cheap political points. 

During the first GOP Presidential Debate in New Hampshire, Newt Gingrich used the HATE and FEAR card to describe America's GOD and the tradition of separation of church and state. To illustrate his point, he described Faisal Shahzad's (the 30-year-old Pakistan-born, U.S. citizen who attempted to bomb Time Square on May 1st, 2010) response to the judge for his reasons behind his attempted terrorist attack. 

What Gingrich FAILED to mention was that Aliou Niasse, the street vendor who ALERTED the authorities and saved countless lives is a MUSLIM immigrant. Prior to 9-11, Timothy McVeigh (angry about Waco) carried out the single, largest terrorist attack on American soil. No wonder Newt's staff quit. He got way too much sun on his Greek cruise.
This country's founding fathers DID NOT create a NATIONAL religion. They created the BILL of RIGHTS to PROTECT Freedom of Religion. 
Can you say Church of England and the Vatican? Can you say "religious tolerance"? AND, oh by the way, state rights DO NOT and CAN NOT supersede the BILL of RIGHTS. PERIOD. This country fought a bloody civil war to sort out the original sin of "state rights" created by our Founding Fathers.

It's OK for a person to be black, white, red, green, blue, pink or GAY!

It's OK for a person to be a Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or Atheist!

Small note to readers: Politically, I'm an Independent. When I feel myself getting sucked into simplistic PARTY rhetoric, I force myself to READ & LISTEN to ALL sides of an issue. With that said, no matter what side of the political fence someone sits, I will NEVER accept the politics of HATE & FEAR. Period.