Saturday, July 30, 2011

Canada Grapples with Controversy Over Chinese Espionage?

Spy Boss Faces Fallout from Foreign Influence Remarks
By Matthew Little

Epoch Times Staff
July 6, 2010

 "OTTAWA, Canada—Canadians should be wondering why their elected officials are not asking the nation's spy boss about the dangers of foreign regimes controlling their politicians."

The following comment was posted by a businessman living in Beijing on a friend's Facebook. While these are not my words, during my time living and working in the People's Republic of China, I reached the same conclusion:
"All of the recent Chinese immigrants I know have been brainwashed by too many years listening to CCP propaganda. I suspect some might also be actively collecting intelligence for Beijing. The Chinese student organizations here are riddled with spies and most of our most sensitive technological and research projects include team members who are more than sympathetic to the CCP regime. If we applied the same rules about 'foreigners' that the Public Security Bureau does in China, tens of thousands of Chinese immigrants here would be out of work tomorrow. A sizable majority of the country is outraged over illegal immigration from Mexico. They're looking in the wrong direction."