Friday, August 19, 2011

Donald Trump does not believe Osama Bin Laden is DEAD?

Does he really need to see the death certificate?

Some of the theories being echoed by Pakistani politicians, mullahs and journalists: Bin Laden died of natural causes years ago in Afghanistan? He had his hands & feet bound by plastic straps, carried into the house on a helicopter & executed in a US operation to embarrass Pakistan? His bodyguard shot him in the heart, but he survived with "supernatural strength", until he requested his loyal follower shoot him in the head? 

In case you missed it, the following story is the best written account of the special operations' mission to get Bin Laden published to date:

The New Yorker
Getting Bin Laden
What happened that night in Abbottabad.

by Nicholas Schmidle

Honestly, I have no secret, morbid desire to see the photos of Bin Laden's dead corpse. I agreed with President Obama's decision. Given the nature of our open & progressive society, at some point in the future, perhaps as a result of the Freedom of Information Act, the images of Bin Laden will be released. IF it's 50 years from today, so be it.

This was the most expensive manhunt in U.S. history. The original mission in Afghanistan was to find, kill and/or capture Osama Bin Laden. Perhaps his death will open the political door so our troops can return home.

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