Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rebels offer a $1,000,000 bounty for Ka-Da-Fee?

The World Press Battles Spell Checker?

If you've been following the latest news reports out of Libya, you may have noticed that the media has been using different variations of the former dictator's last name:

   CBS News - Qaddafi

   AP & CNN International - Gadhafi
   BBC & Time Magazine - Gaddafi
   The Guardian (U.K.) - Gadafy
   U.S. News & World Report - Qadhafi
   The Boston Globe - Khadafy
Confused? According to NPR (National Public Radio), back in 1986, a Minnesota's school teacher's 2nd grade class wrote a letter to the Libyan leader. He actually wrote back and signed his name Gad-ha-fi. Until recently, that letter was the Rosetta Stone for spelling his name.

However, over the years, the Libyan Embassy in London has issued press releases with the spelling Qadaffi. So, who is right? Well, don't ask the French or the Italians. The AFP (Agence France-Presse) uses Kadhafi and AGI (Agenzia Italia) spells it Gheddafi.

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