Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dear Governor Rick Perry

This POST is NOT about your rather poor grades as a student at Texas A&M. Yes, that D in the Principals of Economics is a bit alarming, but then again, it was the summer of 1970. Love was in the air. The United States had just pulled the troops out of Cambodia, President Richard Nixon lowered the voting age to 18 and Casey Kasem made his debut as the host of American Top 40.

Report cards are overrated. Just ask Glenn Beck about his DAY at Yale. Heck, Albert Einstein was a bad student. But then again, he did win the Noble Prize in Physics and helped change the whole 20th Century (but that story is for another day).

Additionally, I'm not going to waste your time writing about the 21,000 Texas wildfires (which burned 3.7 million acres of land and destroyed 1,915 homes valued at $100 million dollars). Nobody can control Mother Nature. Not even the Prophet Ron Paul. Indeed, the best time to CUT state funding for the Texas Forest Service and assistance grants for volunteer fire departments is during a drought. It makes perfect sense. Why prevent a crisis when you can look like a leader during a crisis? Why waste oil revenue on land management or funding local fire departments when the Federal Government can ride into Austin and write the state a big fat FEMA check. Just look at how much money Louisiana made by not improving the levee system around New Orleans. Why spend 30 million dollars for levees (or fire prevention) when you can milk billions of dollars from FEMA?

To be honest, when I sat down to write this commentary, I was extremely tempted to bring up your cozy business relationship with the Koch Brothers. It's expensive to run for public office. Power is crack and money buys crack. It's tough breaking the political addiction to special interest cash. IF you ever decide to seek help, Buddy Roemer has just organized a support group for Presidential Candidates (see previous Buddy post).

Anyhow, this POST is only about Social Security. Enough educated folks have written about your incorrect usage of the words Ponzi Scheme, so I won't bore you with another silly classroom lecture.

This POST has only one simple message: Wall Street will NEVER get its hands on Social Security. It is NOT a 401K investment plan. Period. So, no matter how much 527 money the Koch Brothers pump into their private Libertarian crusade, Social Security will survive. And do you know why? It's simple. This country will NEVER allow millions of senior citizens to become homeless. Even Minister Michele Bachmann took the time to read Ronald Reagan's Presidential Memo regarding Social Security.

After the Wall Street Meltdown in 2008, do you really think a majority of Americans trust the financial markets to provide a retirement safety net? Social Security is NOT broken. Who fixes low air in a tire by driving the car off a cliff? Unless of course the real political prize is to completely privatize Social Security. Am I "Fed Up"? No.

Joke of the Week:
"Dick Cheney's memoir, 'Eat, Pray, Waterboard,' has a lot of revelations. For instance, Dick Cheney was actually born in a hut in Kenya. His first heart attack occurred when he accidentally saw himself naked. He also admits to fathering Beyonce's baby." 

~ David Letterman

The Battle for Social Security:
From FDR's Vision To Bush's Gamble (Hardcover)