Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Last year (2010), this blogger Googled my name to see where my photographs were being used on the internet. I discovered that the following image ended up on a book cover:

This photograph was taken at the Misawa, Japan train station in October 2004. I waited almost thirty minutes before asking this gentleman to snap his picture.

If you look closely at the photograph's overall composition, you'll notice all the primary vanishing-point lines converge at the end of the platform (i.e. located directly behind the man's eyes). I was able to give the left side of his face some key lighting by positioning him to the right of the small gap between the train cars. It was late in the afternoon, so the sun was low on the horizon. 
Anyhow, the main reason I allow the FREE USE of my images is because I enjoy sharing my art. I've never considered myself a professional photographer. My visual approach to capturing a single moment in time is as a doc·u·men·tar·i·an.

After contacting Mr. Welch on Facebook, the author was kind enough to send me a free, autographed copy of the book.

MISAWA: A Song of the Machi (Paperback)