Sunday, October 23, 2011

Iraq is a Sovereign State?

Despite Mitt Romney's condemnation of President's Obama decision to remove U.S. troops from Iraq before December 31st (a deadline originally negotiated by the Bush Administration), the fact remains, Iraq's economic and political future rests with it own people. 

What was the original mission in the region? The search for W-M-D? Please. It was to remove Saddam Hussein from power (spelled O-I-L). Period. It's a little late in the geopolitical game to armchair quarterback this country's inevitable withdrawal from Iraq. What part of IRAQ is NOT our country that this candidate doesn't understand?

Photo of Iraqi Soldiers training in Baghdad, Iraq (April 2005) by Peter Rimar.

USA Today
Two arrests in hit-and-run death
of Chinese toddler


Will this security camera video footage of a toddler left for dead 
actually change China? Doubtful. However, considering the CCP filters and controls the internet, beyond the painfully, gut-wrenching nature of the story itself, it's curious that the leaders in Beijing have allowed this tragedy to be part of a much broader, national debate:

Warning: This video contains extremely graphic images of the girl's injuries: