Thursday, November 03, 2011

Starbucks CEO pledges to stop political contributions until bipartisan bickering in Washington ends?

Just a few weeks before the grassroots efforts of a few people started #Occupy Wall Street (OWS), Howard Schultz attempted to jump start a national debate concerning the corrupting influence of corporate money on the hostile political environment on Capital Hill. It's this continued, uncompromising gridlock in Washington D.C. which is contributing to the economic uncertainty in consumer confidence and the broader financial markets.

He has a simple message:
"We deserve better".
For those who complain that Occupy Movement itself lacks anointed leaders or that business people outside the movement don't understand the serious political issues facing this country, well, it's just not true:

Here's a link which illustrates how this one CEO is translating his words and ideas into real economic action: Create Jobs For USA.

Considering his corporation has helped make Coffee popular in a 5,0000 year old, tea drinking culture, maybe this guy actually knows what he's talking about...

Starbucks Coffee Shop, Guangzhou, PRC July (2008)

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