Friday, December 23, 2011

Classroom in Baghdad

Admittedly, NOBODY visits this blog to mentally digest the author's various rhetorical rants and raves. Politically, this small corner of cyberspace will never challenge the likes of a The Huffington Post or Politico. It is what it is. A majority of this blog's daily traffic comes from folks searching for a specific image on Google or Bing.

Yesterday, someone in Spain did a Google search looking for an image of a classroom in Baghdad. Unfortunately, in terms of what I've already posted on this blog, this anonymous person's search only yielded classroom photos from China.

That's is until today...
In April 2004, this blogger tagged along for a week with a U.S. Army Civil Affairs team working in downtown Baghdad. The above images were captured on a mission which delivered supplies to a special school for the deaf and blind.