Friday, April 20, 2012

Heidi Heitkamp for U.S. Senate?

"All politics is local." ~ Tip O'Neill

Back in June 2010, this blogger went to Hillsboro, North Dakota to watch then State Senator Rick Berg address a small gathering of local Republicans. After listening to his speech, I quietly wondered to myself, 'how on earth were the voters in this state going to reward this man with a treasured Golden Ticket to Washington D.C.'?

Then in November 2010, with a passionate wave of anti-incumbency sweeping the country, Rick Berg won a seat in Congress. Today, less than two years after the election itself, with little to show for his time in office, this Congressman now wants the title of Senator.

Hopefully, this time around, North Dakota voters will actually put aside party politics and elect the right person for the job.