Friday, November 16, 2012

The Culinary Cliff?

Obama: So, what do you want to eat
Boehner: You're going to have to lead, Mr. President. 
Obama: Okay, great. Let's order pizza. 
Boehner: We just had pizza. 
Obama: You said you wanted me to lead. I'm saying pizza. 
Boehner: I'm not in the mood for pizza. Don't you understand compromise
Obama: Apparently not. How about Chinese? 
Boehner: Don't ask me -- you're the "leader". 
Obama: Okay, Chinese. 
Boehner: I'm trying to cut back on sodium. Do you really want me to have a heart attack? 
Obama: Let me get back to you on that. So, no pizza, no Chinese. 
Boehner: Correct. 
Obama: KFC?
Boehner: Too African-American. 
Obama: Outback
Boehner: Too atheist. Too female. 
Obama: Taco Bell? 
Boehner: Don't even go there. 
Obama: Oooh, yeah, forgot. You'd only get 27% of a meal. 
Boehner: [inaudible] 
Obama: Listen, man, you're saying you want me to lead... 
Boehner: Yes. 
Obama: But you hate all my suggestions. 
Boehner: Correct. You need to lead with something I like. 
Obama: Can I get any hint whatsoever of what you might like? 
Boehner: I can tell you two things. 
Obama: Yes? Boehner: It has "Chick" in it, and it has "Fil-A" in it. 
Obama: There is no way I'm eating there.
Boehner: See you at the bottom of the cliff.