Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Possible Definition of Mainstream Media?

Twenty years ago, if a Presidential candidate said something to a small crowd in a coffee shop in New Hampshire, the words and emotions of that moment would forever stay in that moment.

Times have changed. Believe it or not, it was just seven years ago the domain name YouTube.com was activated. It's difficult to image today's digital world without an endless stream of uploaded cute puppy and dancing baby videos. Beyond the funny and humorous, with a cell phone, one person has the power to change the political conversation. Links to a YouTube video, shared on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, can actually be "the shot heard around the world".

In an exclusive news release to Reuters, Google reported that YouTube receives more than four billion video views a day. Additionally, 60 hours of material are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Read More...

Despite being BLOCKED by the Chinese and Iranian Government, judging this website by just the raw numbers, YouTube is already recognized globally as mainstream.

In terms of describing and defining the mainstream media itself, radio stations, TV stations and printed newspapers are all traditional, brick and mortar type business operations.

In the view of this blogger, if a syndicated talk show host reaches millions of daily listeners on more than 600 radio stations, by definition, that individual is a card-carrying member of the mainstream media. If this same college dropout earns more than $40,000,000s a year speaking into a Golden Microphone and actually watched Superbowl XLVI in the luxury box of the New England Patriots owner, Rush Limbaugh's sheer wealth, political connections and public notoriety makes him the poster child of today's mainstream media.